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Reuters Article by Clyde Russell, a columnist

LAUNCESTON, Australia, Dec 15 (Reuters) - China's decision to keep its cotton import quota unchanged at 894,000 tonnes has been taken by the market as a bearish signal that will put further downward pressure on global prices.

This is by and la ...

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Welcome to AXA International

Service oriented business is our main focus.

We are working mainly as a buying and selling agents of raw cotton-all growths and a nominalportion of our business is as a buying agent of Pak yarns and comber noil.

As a selling agent of all growths of raw cotton, we have excellent growth rate in this business and our trade volume have surpassed 100,000 bales this year and as a buying agent for Pak raw cotton.

Our business volume varies between 75,000 to 150,000 bales depends on imported cotton business viability as most of our buyers are regular importers of raw cotton

We enjoy good and close relationship with owners of leading spinning mills and leading ginning factories in Pakistan. For buying and selling replica handbags we deal with owners of these companies in 90% cases and for the rest we deal with mill managers where the owners have professional management system replica watches uk because of their huge and diversified business activities. However, we maintain our high contact with the Owners of all textile mill clients


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